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Web Development – Building A Website That Works

Web Development - Building A Website That Works

Many clients we had throughout the past have been satisfied with our work on websites. However, they tend to underestimate the work it takes to make a website. Some of the grumpy clients expect a site in a matter of days because they heard that web development is elementary.

One thing is to take a site template and fill it in with relevant data. That is why some people think that website building is so easy. But, if you are a serious company with goals that exceed having a site just for pay-per-click ads and similar things, which bring in the small amount of profit, then you will want something more.

Website development – Only for dedicated

A website developer is an individual that has to be both creative and knowledgeable to create something that will match the request of their client. A developer who works in an agency doesn’t have to be creative because agencies tend to employ web designers for that. This is why our agency has a considerable web development team that includes more than half a dozen of both developers and designers.

Website DevelopmentThe job of the designer department is to interact with either clients or customer support to gather data about the site. That includes everything from color palette to different features it will have. It’s safe to say that designers get it easy when compared to developers. It is also important to note that the majority of web developers know how to do the other part of the work because they learn it along the way (solo web developers do both jobs). But, those that specialize in web design are better at creating unique websites people appreciate.

Web development is complicated because the developer has to create a site out of nothing. They have to learn programming languages to develop products that are both useful and attractive to the eye. The learning process for web development never ends because there is always something new that changes the way websites work. This means that only the most dedicated individuals will become successful web developers.

An excellent website can save your business

A decent site will cost more than some free template, but it’s worth every penny because people will find it remarkable to navigate. No one will stay on the site that has multiple errors, and it doesn’t work as it should, even if they are interested in the product that the site sells. On the other hand, they will stay on the website that is easy to navigate and has features that interest them, even though the product/service they sell isn’t something they want to purchase at that moment.

Don’t be cheap, because that might ruin any chance of making some money through the website.


The Simplified Explanations Of Web Analytics

The Simplified Explanations Of Web Analytics

Going into small details when explaining web analytics would be pointless as less than five percent of all readers would understand everything. Those that are interested in those fine details should search the internet for long essays that deal with this subject.

Data analytics, in short, is the analysis of data that is used in the creation of marketing campaigns. It also represents a collection of data that will increase the profit a company makes. Now, collecting data without any guidelines would be pointless as the amount of useless info you gather will exceed the useful data you want. That is just a waste of time.

Shedding light on web analytics

It’s safe to say that every data search looks into things that will benefit the client. It’s hard to talk about details of web analytics because they change depending on the client’s business. If the business deals with commerce, then the data search will focus on revenue, conversion rate, bounce rates and so on. On the other hand, you have news sites which will find visits more interesting than anything else. Parameter change depending on the type of business the company does.

Web AnalyticsMany fail to realize the importance of web analytics, and they invest a minuscule amount of money. Results they get don’t reflect the market state, and thus they end up with losses where there shouldn’t be any. There is a golden rule when it comes to this. It states that you should invest in web analytics at least ten percent of the money you want to spend in the business. More significant the amount you want to invest, higher the risk of losing it, so giving ten percent is a great way to protect against that risk.

Another mistake many companies do is the focus on acquiring visitors. Yes, getting a massive amount of visitors is desirable, but not investing anything to predict outcomes of their visit are what ruins businesses. You have to analyze the market to try and predict results of those visits. You can get thousand visitors and not a penny of profit if you fail to examine everything. If you succeed, then every other visitor might bring in some profit.

Don’t try to analyze the market alone

You might be smart, but that doesn’t mean you can anticipate every element that might affect the data you get. This is why it’s best to leave the work to professionals. Our agency offers excellent deals when it comes to web analytics. We employ professionals who know what tools to use and where to look to gather data that is relevant to the case. This reduced the amount of useless info to almost zero.

How Social Media Marketing Works?

How Social Media Marketing Works?

All types of social media are perfect for marketing, as long as the strategy for the same is right. Social networks are the best platforms for long-term marketing strategies as there are millions of people on them.

Now, many social media platforms exist, even if we are going to talk about social networks only. That means that every platform requires a different marketing campaign to succeed in bringing in some profit. The creation of said campaigns takes a lot of time.

The goal shapes the path

social media marketingThe first thing you have to determine is the goal of the whole process. The success is the universal law, and it won’t work. You have to decide whether you want to attract clients that will buy your products and use your services or you want people to click on links you have on the site, in other words, you want high traffic.

Getting a lot of traffic is also a universal goal, and it will have a positive effect as it will increase the chance you will make some money. First of all, individuals who want high traffic might want that to increase the likelihood of someone purchasing something through their site. Using ads on social media platforms might be one way of doing that. You will want to find a target audience, but it doesn’t play a significant part. Getting high traffic is more important than getting right people to visit the site (in this case).

On the other hand, some companies want right people to visit their sites. These businesses sell products and services, and they want people to purchase them. They prefer ten clients than thousand visitors because those clients will bring in some profit. Marketing campaigns for this kind of advertising can’t rely on ads to bring all people in.

Marketing campaigns and working with the target audience

If you go on the internet, then you will find a plethora of marketing strategies that might or might not work, depending on the author and the type of business you want to advertise. All big companies want to be present on social media platforms because they are a perfect place to attract people.

The first step we perform once we accept a job is to locate the target audience. The size of the same determines how big of the investment in the campaign will there be. The next step is to create fan pages of the brand and start spreading the word about them. If the platform has some form of an advertising system that allows us to make our pages more visible to people that will be interested in them, then we will do it. Using ads to spread the word is also a thing.

Next step is to organize giveaways that include some rewards as that will attract even more people. Every page has at least one place with a link that leads to the official site of the company. This, in short, is how we advertise our clients on social networks.

Search Engine Optimization – How It Works?

Search Engine Optimization or SEO refers to the rankings on the Google (a primary search engine that all relevant parties use) search engine. Your rankings on the Google depend on a plethora of things including keywords among other things.

Keywords are the primary tools many amateurs use to boost the rankings of their sites. This, however, can have an adverse effect. Google search engine has many mechanisms that determine what type of a classification your site will get. This is why it is smart to do some research and keep up with the articles that professionals write.

Some elements that affect website ranking

The efficiency plays a significant part in the ranking system. It is determined by how easy is for the visitor to find what they want. The system has to be perfect to allow the visitor to navigate pages without having to stop and think about what they need to click to get what they want.

Next is effectiveness which is determined by the overall usability of the website. If the client gets what they want without encountering any obstacles, then your rating will go up.

A visitor will abandon you if they face errors on the site. Mistakes like “404 Page Not Found” will drive customers away and the rankings will experience adverse effects as well. Don’t forget that every click has to lead to the desired data. Misguiding clients will have an adverse impact on the traffic.

Many visitors will get distracted and wander away from your website. If the keyword for the same is memorable, then it will be easy for them to return. This is why memorable keywords work.

Can a visitor learn how to interact with the website shortly and efficiently? That is a question we always ask when we create a site. If they have to spend a lot of time in learning about it, then there is a good chance that they will go to other locations to find the info they want.

SEO – an essential aspect of marketing


We consider SEO as one of the more critical elements when it comes to advertisement. It has to have a place in every marketing campaign, no matter whether the client is an individual or an international enterprise. We try to do anything we can to optimize sites of our clients so they can appear on the first page of the search engine. You can’t compare this with other types of advertisement, but it helps smaller businesses more than you can imagine.